May, 2018 Thursday


Kick – Off Meeting

Technological Educational Institute of Epirus - Central Library Meeting Room

Arta, Greece

The Kick–Off meeting for the project ECO-FISH took place in Arta – Greece at the premises of the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus (LB) and it was organized by the Lead Beneficiary, as scheduled.

The Rector of the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, Prof. Anastasios Tsinas welcomed the participants at the meeting, as did Prof. Ioannis Skoufos.
The meeting proceeded according to the Agenda. A short PowerPoint presentation was given by each beneficiary, introducing each participating organization to the others, so that all participants get acquainted with the activities and range of abilities of the partnership.

The main focus of the meeting was the overview of the ECO-FISH project; beneficiaries were informed about the main tasks and responsibilities, and especially about the management and coordination issues that are considered particularly important at the beginning of the project, so as to ensure a smooth implementation according to the set milestones. Also, beneficiaries were presented with the key implementation and communication guidelines that will help them towards the aforementioned goal.

The meeting concluded with the agreement that it was a fruitful first meeting and that all beneficiaries are all looking forward to the 2nd project meeting in Vlora, Albania.