The Project ‘Ecological footprint in cross-border marine fish farming in Sagiada
(Greece) and southern Albania’ (ECO-FISH) aims, through specific pilot actions, to
reduce the environmental footprint of aquaculture in Greece and Albania, with a view to
sustainable management of natural resources and control of microclimatic conditions
during production.
ECO-FISH is implemented under the “Interreg IPA II Cross-Border Cooperation
Programme Greece-Albania 2014-2020” and is co-funded by the European Union and by
National Funds of Greece and Albania.



The Final meeting of the ECO-FISH Project was implemented online

In the context of the Project ECO-FISH – “Ecological footprint in cross-border marine fish farming in Sagiada (Greece) and southern Albania”, the Chamber of Thesprotia organized online the final management meeting on Thursday 20/05/2021. Representatives of all project beneficiaries participated (University of Ioannina – Department of Agriculture, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vlora Region, SEEP Albania).

The meeting proceeded according to the agenda and focused on issues related to the procedures for the Project finalization, both in terms of physical and financial object. Considering that the Project’s physical object is heading towards its end (31/05/2021), partners agreed that the project’s objectives have been accomplished through the implementation of its deliverables, and they committed to take targeted actions for the sustainability and durability of its results even after the end of the project, further seeking their capitalization through a future collaboration.

“The ECO-FISH Project is implemented in the context of the Interreg IPA II Cross Border Cooperation Programme “Greece – Albania 2014 – 2020” and is co-funded by the European Union and National Funds of the participating countries”

Final Scientific Conference – ECO-FISH project – Ecological Footprint in fish farming Press Release

As part of the ECO-FISH project, on Friday 14-5-2021, the Final Scientific Conference was held with great success through the online presentation of the project results and the prospects of business development in the sector of fish farming, for both Greek and Albanian participation.

The event was also broadcasted live via the Interreg ECO-FISH Project Facebook page.

During the event, the Rector of University of Ioannina Mr. Triantafyllos Albanis, welcoming the speakers and the participants, referred to the environmental footprint monitoring practices in aquaculture, but also to the carbon life cycle assessment practices which applied to selected fish farms in Greece and Albania. He also referred to the successful cooperation between the university and the business community in an area that is a priority in the cross-border area of the two countries.

The Dean of the School of Agriculture, University of Ioannina Ms. Athina Tzora strongly supported the ECO-FISH project implementation and in particular the development of appropriate, scientifically acceptable tools for monitoring and reducing the environmental footprint in fish farming.

The general overview and results of the project was presented by the scientific coordinator of the project Mr. Ioannis Skoufos, Professor of the Department of Agriculture, University of Ioannina. He stated in detail the results of the project and the production of innovation in aquaculture technologies in the cross-border areas of Greece-Albania.

Greetings also addressed the Deputy Regional Governor of Thesprotia Mr. Thomas Pitoulis, the Chairman of Vlora Region Mr. Ervis Mocka, a Member of Parliament for ND Thesprotia Mr. Vassilios Giogiakas, a Member of Parliament for SYRIZA Thesprotia Mr. Marios Katsis, the Mayor of Filiates Mr. Spyridon Pappas, the Prime Minister Consultant Mr. Grigorios Varras, the President of Chamber of Thesprotia Mr. Alexandros Paschos, the Chairman of Chamber of Vlora Mr. Arben Breshani, the Head of Joint Secretariat of the Interreg IPA CBC Programme ‘’Greece – Albania 2014-2020’’ Mr. George Papadopoulos and the Project Officer of the Interreg IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme ‘’Greece – Albania 2014-2020’’, Joint Secretariat, Ms. Katerina Tsamouri.

For the ECO-FISH experience talked the ECO-FISH Beneficiaries and fish farmers from Greece and Albania Mr. Petros Zoumpoulis, Mr. Simo Ribaj, Mr. Ioannis Hekimoglou, Mr. Stavros Tokas and Ms. Blerina Dhrami.

The influence of the diet and its ingredients in the environmental footprint in fish farming was presented by the Director of Laboratory of Nutrition, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Mr. Ilias Giannenas.

The Ichthyologist Mr. Costas Perdikaris, Department of Fisheries of the Regional Unit of Thesprotia, Region of Epirus, spoke about the marine fish farming sectors in Sagiada and Albania while Mr. Artur Ribaj presented a review of Public Reports associated to Albanian Fish Farms.

During the last session of the event, the Head of the Department of Fisheries of the Regional Unit of Thesprotia, Region of Epirus, Mr. Evangelos Konstantinidis spoke on the evaluation of the life cycle assessment in the two fish farms in the cross-border areas and the major practices that influence the environmental footprint in this area. After the open discussion session, the event was concluded with the common belief that ECO-FISH is a highly innovative project that will be adopted and utilized very soon by the fish farmers of both countries, adding value to the fish industry.

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Thursday, 20th of May 2021

10:00 – 10:15 Feedback on the Final International Event
10:15 – 10:45 WP 1 – Management Costs:

− level of spending and certified expenditures;

− final minor budget changes;

− project closure procedure;

− storage of project documents and accounting records

10:45 – 11:00 WP 2 – Information & Publicity:

− overview of communicational activities (social networks, brochure, press releases)


11:00 – 12:00 WP3 – WP6

− sustainability of the project results;

− ownership of the project outputs;

− collecting outputs.

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Join us for the Final Scientific Conference of our ECO-FISH project

We are pleased to invite you to the Online Final Scientific Conference of the ECO-FISH project to present project results including applications for reducing the environmental footprint of the fish production cycle. The Conference will be held on 14 May 2021 at 09:00 (CET) through Zoom Platform.

The event will provide opportunities to:

·       Debate approaches, findings and lessons for policy and for practice for assessing environmental footprint in fish production.

·       Contribute to an evolving debate of the role of  a Life Cycle Assessment  for intensive marine fish farms

·       Network with key stakeholders, researchers and other interested parties.


Prof. Ioannis Skoufos,

Professor, Department of Agriculture, Division of Animal Production, University of Ioannina, LB


For more information for the Agenda and on how to participate pls visit https://cb-ecofish.eu/

For registration, pls visit this link

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Implementation of the action “Summer School for Stakeholders in Albanian Area” for the ECO-FISH Project

We inform that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vlora Region, PB3 in
the ECO-FISH Project “Ecological footprint in cross-border marine fish farming in
Sagiada (Greece) and southern Albania” has implemented two (2) Summer Schools
in the context of Deliverable 5.3.1 “Summer School for Stakeholders in
Albanian Area”, which aimed to raise awareness on issues related to marine
aquaculture systems and their sustainability among the participants. More
specifically, the summer schools’ implementation aimed at the professionals
in the aquaculture sector gaining knowledge that will assist them in upgrading
their production.

The themes that were presented during summer schools included
presentation of fish farming sector, aquaculture legislation, environmental
issues and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in marine fish farming and
application of LCA method in aquaculture and management options.

The summer schools took place on 28, 29, 30 July 2020 in the two sessions,
with 25 participants each.

“The ECO-FISH Project is implemented under the Interreg IPA II Cross-Border
Cooperation Program” Greece – Albania 2014-2020 “and is co-funded by the European
Union and the National Funds of the countries participating in the Program”